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  Welcome to the University of Leeds South Asia website

University of leeds
University of leeds
University of leeds
University of leeds
University of leeds
University of leeds
University of leeds

The University of Leeds has a team based in India. The team is based out of offices in Delhi and Chennai. The office serves as an information hub for student residing in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. To get in touch with any of the in-country representatives please click Contact us for details.

The office provides comprehensive information about the university, its courses, scholarships, fees, eligibility criteria, application procedures and more to students and parents. Staff from the India office travels very frequently to major cities in the region, to meet students and parents. For details on the upcoming visits please click here. The India teams also works closely with Indian Institutes and alumni.

Each year over 5,000 students from outside the UK choose Leeds as their study destination. They come to a university world famous for its teaching and research, situated in the heart of a vibrant and affordable, multicultural city.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus in Leeds!

Latest News

EU Referendum: Statement
"The outcome of the EU referendum which is in favour of the UK leaving the European Union means that we are likely to face a period of political and economic volatility, followed by a systematic redefinition of our relationship with other European countries...

MBA alumnus receives capital funding for start-up
Start-up company, 6Degree, set up by Leeds University Business School alumnus Nikhil Hegde (MBA 2014) has raised $200,000 (USD) capital funding from one of the largest investment groups in India – India Angel Network (IAN).


Upcoming Events

University of Leeds Pre-Departure Events in India
The University of Leeds will be holding Pre-Departure Events in India in July 2016 in the venues shown below. These events are for students who have an offer to study at the University commencing in 2016.

Education Times Jaipur 2016
Meet Shibani Mukherjee, University of Leeds South Asia Office representative in the... more

Alumni News

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