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Graduate Development Services

Graduate Development Services

The Graduate Development Service (GDS) is an India career advisory and placement programme to support returning graduates.

Graduate Development Service is being run by SANNAM S4 Consulting Private Ltd. They are the official consultant of University of Leeds in India.

  • Before graduation – CV, career planning and employer networking advice tailored to the Indian job market
  • On return to India – individual interview preparation, job vacancy alerts, graduate showcase recruitment fairs and CV forwarded to corporate partners to secure interviews
  • Not an employment guarantee but represents valuable additional support in a competitive recruitment environment

Sannam S4 can help enhance your employability

Corporates links:They will match your skill set with corporates to provide you with a platform to present your credentials to them; in other words, they will help you get your first interview. Advisory Services: They will provide additional support, by investing dedicated time to help you with your interview and will also connect you with alumni who could provide additional support.

Newsletters: A Sannam S4 newsletter once every 8 weeks will provide you with nuggets of information on industry trends, career planning and development as well as hints and tips to get you ready for the workplace.

Tracking: Three months before the end of your course they will send you an email alerting you to the need for considering future career paths, offering our help regarding formulating winning CVs, researching jobs in areas of interest and helping you acquire skills which match the requirements of your potential employers. They will keep in touch with you through Skype and emails.

To enrol for Sannam S4 Graduate Development Services, please email Ritu Singh directly at or go to to go to an online enrolment form that will capture educational and past work experience (if applicable), as well as preferred locations for work in India.

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