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Dr Surabhi Banerjee

"I really appreciate your endeavour to highlight my modest academic and administrative achievements in the area of higher education in India.
My experiences as a student in Leeds taught me to reinvent myself and redefine the true meaning of education. It made me more innovative, more creative and definitely more confident.It was a privilege to have Professor Andrew Gurr, the eminent Shakespeare scholar as my Supervisor and Professor Ravenscroft as my course tutor.I immensely enjoyed the seminars with Professor Graham Parry and Professor W.McCormick and my other course tutors at Leeds. The zestful passion of Dr Horden on Research Methodology was pretty infectious. Years later, perhaps he induced me to author a book on techniques of literary Research.I still recall my unforgettable interactions with the great scholar Professor Jefferson on Charles Dickens.
Memories of Headingley,Richmond Avenue,Ebersten Terrace, of Schofields and Sainsburys throng my mind off and on.
As a matter of fact, every seminar was inspirational.It made me think on my own.The imposing building of Brotherton Library, the majestic repository of knowledge stood there perpetually to enrich my intellecscape.Those were epiphanic moments in my life which are ever activated,ever igniting my quest for knowledge even today."

Naveen Coomar
MBA (1997-1998)

"I went to Univ of Leeds after nearly 14 years of working in India. I went there with my wife and two kids. We lived in Unipol accommodation that was really convenient as well as comfortable. Those were some of the best days my family still remembers. The weather became a little intimidating after first few months of living without sunlight, but initially they were such enjoyable days.
It required rigorous work to do well in class. Most of this work meant self-study, writing reports and preparing presentations. I was not used to it, so was difficult to start with but showed the value of this level of effort. The business school created a dramatic paradigm shift for me. It helped me view my context differently and often dispassionately. It taught me how to create a balanced view of events and situations around me. This has been one of the most valuable lessons for me. This helped me move from transactional level to strategic level.
Working and living with people from so many different countries was also very enriching and I still value that experience. Many of them are still connected and we cherish it.”

Singdha Raha
MA International Relations (2011 - 2012)

"The reputation of the University Of Leeds and the course structure offered by the School of Politics and International Studies were my best two reasons for choosing Leeds to complete my graduation. While there, what I came across was an accumulation of the best in all the spheres of a prestigious red brick institution. From the best teaching faculty in the class to world class facilities on the campus to the most amazing and helpful students union, University of Leeds is the place to be. I still find myself mesmerized by the Brotherton Library in the Parkinsons Building. I have developed as a human being and today am far more knowledgeable, worldly wise and confident to step into the professional world. I was extremely fortunate to have been placed as a Public Affairs and Lobbying Executive at Perfect Relations immediately after my results were announced. I attribute this small step towards greater achievements to my education and experience at the University Of Leeds."

Ankita Patni
MBA (2008-2009)

"I had always dreamt of studying in a university with great professors, great facilities and great students. And this dream came true when I secured my admissions in LUBS for MBA 2008-2009. End of Education is Character and I feel that is what I achieved post my education from Leeds."

Nishit Patni
MSC Bioscience (Biotechnology) (2009 - 2010)

"Leeds has been a great experience for me, one of the best of of my life. I was not able to join the University on time, and was about a month late for the programme, but that made it all the more exciting and challenging for me. Studying outside India is a very different experience, everything is different literally. Starting from classes, modules, assignments, to after 5pm experiences - you live a GOOD LIFE there. The best part of my course was my masters project, where I got to learn something I would never be able to learn in India. There is the study part - and there is the fun part when you live in the UK. If you love clubbing and traveling, you do not have to think twice about UK. Let me know if you need more detail about my experience, would love to share it."

Natasha Cardozo
MSc International Marketing Management (2010 - 2011)

"As excited as I was to embark on a new journey in a University promising the world, I was anxious if those were ever going to hold true. Little did I know that I would be returning with much more than I expected. Here is a brief account of what I have achieved in the time that I was in that magical place called Leeds.

The purpose of my trip to United Kingdom was to get a post-graduate degree from a very reputed university keeping in mind that I had a budget to stick to. Being offered a place in Kings college (London) and Leeds University Business School, I chose the latter for the return on my average investment. Not for a moment have I regretted that decision. I have lived lavishly, studied hard and been rewarded with rich experiences. I topped two modulars (subjects) in a class full of students from countries spanning vast regions across the globe. With my love of extra-curricular activities, I was given an opportunity to be the president of the student accommodation, International ambassador and Class representative. I can proudly say that I have my name on the University wall at the moment for my involvement in these activities. I have been given a platform to find part-time employment during the non-hectic academic months. After a rigorous search for an indoor job, I was lucky enough to land a job with ASDA/ WAL-MART in their head office in the Merchandising and Space planning department.

This is not a testimony to the best University that I have been associated with but to a world of opportunity where those who have the courage to brave it out in tough times are rewarded tenfold. I cannot thank my advisors enough for helping me chose this University and city and I hope every student that follows here will bear in mind that those who do not dare never win. "

Adv. Ameet Mehta
MBA (2002 - 2003)


I was a student at Leeds University Business School (LUBS) in MBA Finance, 2002-03 Batch. UK is a very popular study destination for Indian students especially Leeds. Since UK has more than 100 universities and 165 higher education institutions including universities and colleges, it is very popular for overseas students and Indians form a chunk of it. LUBS as such have ancient history and is traditional as well as modern University. Leeds offers something for every students in a variety of subject areas. Professors, Teachers and Faculties are very well mannered with highly professional in approach. Courses and lectures help us develop our leadership and communication skills. LUBS has some excellent faculties. Dining hall is always a great place in LUBS to meet friends and people. Leeds as such attracts hundreds of thousands and visitors each year. Most MBAs like us choose to live in their college, which offer single or family accommodation, plus facilities for dining and socializing too. I was staying with family at Springfield Mount. Leeds University has a great Library and Hall. Neighboring places has Bars, great range of sporting and cultural clubs and societies for us to enjoy. Main cities are well connected with Leeds. LUBS will give you an advantage in the increasingly fast paced business world. "

Nidhi Raval,
MSc in International Finance (2011 - 2012)

"I feel so beholden and privileged to be a part of the esteemed alumnus. Besides knowledge, infrastructure and resources, the university developed a leader in me, helped me meet interesting personalities who are now my friends and colleagues. I am a founder of the company "Insurance Shoppee" and known as a Risk Doctor providing professional services in the field of Insurance & Risk Management, leading a team of 12 members. I am obliged to the staff of the University for their Utter Kindness."

Bhavin Savani
MBA (2002 - 2003)

"Personally, LUBS was a great platform to meet interesting people with varied backgrounds, and this diversity brought a lot of fresh and innovative thought to the class room discussions. Besides, making great professional contacts, personal bonds shaped my outlook towards business and society at large.

It was a fantastic year - great professors, ...amazing friends, ...will cherish the memories forever!

Today, I am the director in 2 of my companies - one is in international film distributors india pvt ltd - formed more than 70 years ago, we have one of the largest library of indian films for overseas distribution.

The other company - bhavin international - we manufacture and supply readymade apparel to overseas buyers. "

Abhishek Pai

"The Leeds program nurtures world class managers with analytical tools, business philosophies and exposure to real life unstructured situations. It provides the right tools to meet challenges & constantly aims at creating and nurturing future world leaders. The courses that have been incorporated into the curriculum expose students to the inner workings of the corporate world, and sharpen their thinking skills for innovation of ideas and solutions in the light of various limitations.

I would describe my Leeds experience as "Learning by transcending boundaries" - a truly international experience, studying and working with people from over 20 different countries. Understanding their work ethics, cultural norms and accents was something that I have enjoyed the most.

It helped me garner global perspectives and to be able to bring in fresh perspectives to any existing problem and give valuable recommendations."



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