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How to apply for a research degree
Applying for a research degree is a simple five-step process

You can apply and track your application online at each stage of the process and this is explained in detail in the following guidelines. Please complete your application fully so we can help ensure you succeed in your studies.

Apply online now

Before completing the web application, take a minute to read these notes and check the admissions process and requirements for your particular programme.

International applicants can use the services of our representatives overseas. See our country-specific pages to find out more

Applying is a simple five-step process:

Step 1

Decide on the qualification and research area you want to apply for. Find a research opportunity

Step 2

You complete the online application, and send any additional information to support your application.

Step 3

We process your application.

Step 4

We let you know our decision.

Step 5

If we make you an offer, you respond by accepting, declining or deferring. You can also complete a paper application form (requests to

What to do now

Download our PDF with more information on applying for a research course or apply online now

For more information on research applying for please visit

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