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Want to study at Leeds?
Applying to do an undergraduate degree is simple just go on the UCAS website

If your school or college is not registered with UCAS (which it won't be if you live outside the UK) you will need to apply for an undergraduate degree independently. Please apply online on the UCAS website

You will be responsible for:

  • paying the correct application fee
  • getting an academic reference and attaching it
  • submitting the completed application online to UCAS

You can get advice from centres overseas such as your school or college, or from British Council offices.

Applying through UCAS

The UCAS code for Leeds is L23. The application form on the UCAS website has sections for:

  • your personal details
  • exams that you have passed and are working towards
  • a personal statement about your interests and career aspirations

You may choose up to five courses, but if you are applying for medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine and science, you can only apply for four courses with a fifth choice as an alternative.

When to apply

Apply as soon as possible, and no later than 15 January 2014 for 2014 entry. (For medicine and dentistry where you are including Oxford or Cambridge as one of you choices you have until 15 October 2013 for entry the following year).

If you want to make a late application, contact the admissions tutor beforehand so you do not waste one of your choices if the programme is already full. This is particularly important for our popular courses such as Law and English.

We will consider applications at our discretion received up until 30 June 2013 for courses beginning this year.

For more information on undergraduate courses applying please visit

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