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Why UK

Why UK

UK has been known for years for its high standards of quality teaching and also well known for research . The below listed are the major features of UK education

  • Value of British Degrees
  • Wide Variety of Courses available suiting your needs & career objectives
  • Influence of Globalization
  • International Exposure
  • Short Intensive Courses
  • No Work Permits for Part Time Work
  • Free Health Insurance
  • Social & Cultural Relations between India and UK
  • Similarity in Education System
  • Internationally Recognized
  • List of combinations in subjects also available e.g. Peace Studies, Spanish with Theatre, Business and IT / Computers.
  • Lot of British, Companies coming to India - Similar work culture, studied in UK advantage eg. British Telecom etc.
  • Students from more than 130 countries, you can travel to Europe, new culture to learn & experience.
  • eg. MBA in 1 Year, B. Engg in 3 Years.
  • All students can work part time 20 hours per week, full time during vacations.
  • All students staying for more than six months covered free under NHS (National Health Scheme).
  • Indians biggest minority in UK, All religions practiced.
  • 10th - 'O' GCE levels, 12th -'A'GCE Levels, Under graduation UG - 3 years.


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