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New online course is enjoyed around the world

Pioneering online learners have praised a free course offered by the University of Leeds as part of its venture into MOOCs.

Fairness and Nature: When Worlds Collide is one of the first Massive Open Online Courses offered in partnership with FutureLearn – a company set up by the Open University.

Focusing on why fairness needs to be part of natural resource management policy, it is led by globally-respected geographer Professor Jon Lovett and profiles to global participants research underway by Leeds academics in Nepal and Mexico. Continue reading..

Four University of Leeds alumni are part of the TeamGB squad in the Olympic Games which is carrying the hopes of the nation on its shoulders.

"The outcome of the EU referendum which is in favour of the UK leaving the European Union means that we are likely to face a period of political and economic volatility, followed by a systematic redef...

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