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Liberty Building University of Leeds, School of Law ranked No.5

Opened in 2011, The Liberty Building at the University of Leeds School of Law is a modern architectural

masterpiece composed of spun concrete pillars and glass.
The building’s highly sustainable design was created by architectural firm Broadway Malyan, and is naturally ventilated and filled with light. Costing £12 million, the new facility was created to house the school’s rapidly growing program, which was founded in 1899.

The space is intended to promote legal education and research, as well as Leeds’ desire to advance students’ legal education beyond the classroom and into the community.




Four University of Leeds alumni are part of the TeamGB squad in the Olympic Games which is carrying the hopes of the nation on its shoulders.

"The outcome of the EU referendum which is in favour of the UK leaving the European Union means that we are likely to face a period of political and economic volatility, followed by a systematic redef...

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