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The School of Law is pleased to announce a ne

This programme offers an exciting opportunity to understand contemporary issues concerning the interface between security and justice from the perspectives of Law, Sociology and Politics.

The blend of disciplinary approaches offers a comprehensive programme through which international and local conflicts over security and justice are analysed, transnational security concerns and crimes are studied and research methodologies in international and comparative criminal justice are examined.

The course adopts a seminar-based format, offering the opportunity to consider both theoretical and empirical aspects of security and justice and to apply knowledge to case study examples.

Students will gain knowledge about well-accepted approaches to security and justice alongside exploring about how contemporary concerns challenge some of the traditional approaches to this field.

Four University of Leeds alumni are part of the TeamGB squad in the Olympic Games which is carrying the hopes of the nation on its shoulders.

"The outcome of the EU referendum which is in favour of the UK leaving the European Union means that we are likely to face a period of political and economic volatility, followed by a systematic redef...

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